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A New Krasi-Buc Collaboration

Buc McMaster

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(Maybe that should read Krazy-Buc, in light of recent postings, huh? :-)


Well he's done it again. Krasi wanted more lyrics to work with after our Helldorado collaboration, so I sent him this. I just received the link this morning here at the office........I have no speakers on my desktop here so I cannot listen until I get home this evening.......rats! I have seen and heard a previous version Krasi sent me about a week ago that was stellar and I must assume this rendition is better still. This is an older writing, from somewhere in the late 90's I think. I do remember that this is one that just fell out on the paper before me.......I couldn't write fast enough to keep up with the words appearing in my head.


So, for those of you with speakers, from the other side of the earth I give you our friend Krasi with Calling Alexia.







Calling Alexia copyright MBBowen


I know you live across the sea from me, baby

Well at least it seems that way

I didn't know your name a week ago but I guess you know

You're on my mind both night and day

I've got your picture and your pretty face makes my heart race

Can you hear me when I say.....

Calling Alexia.......my sweet love.......you're my sweet love


I can't look into your eyes, pretty baby,

Can't run my fingers through your hair

Can't pull you close and whisper secrets in your ear

Yet I see you everywhere

Some kind of magic spell's come over me and darlin' can't you see

That poor man standing over there

Calling Alexia.......my sweet love........you're my sweet love


Someday I'll see you there across a crowded room

And the world will disappear

Be still, my heart, please shakin' knees don't let me hit the floor

I might even shed a tear

If I'm asleep and dreamin' deep oh won't you let me be

I'm busy holding you near

Calling Alexia.......my sweet love........you're my sweet love

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Wonderful words, great music.


This long distance collaboration has now produced two very fine songs.


Now I'm waiting on a whole album.


Seriously guys. This stuff is fantastic.


Congrats to Krasi and Buc! :-

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