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Need advice regarding my LP-295...


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Hi, I was wondering if anybody here could give me some advice...


2 years ago, I received the LP-295 (Guitar of the Month, April 2008) as a gift. I have been having problems getting it to stay in tune. Now, I am not the greatest or most informed guitarist in the world... and I've certainly never had a guitar with a Bigsby before. I would love to be able to play the guitar on stage all night, but I'm a singer and I can't be constantly tuning!


At first I thought that I would just never be able to get it to stay in tune (I'd heard people say that's just how it is with a Bigsby), but I have never had the guitar set up properly. So I am wondering if someone here could spell out for me exactly what I should have done as far as the setup goes, and also any upkeep stuff... anything special I should do when I change the strings?


Also, I use Elixer strings (9's), but I heard that I might have less tuning problems if I go up in size. Thoughts?


Thank you very much in advance!!!

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Well my friend , you've actually answered your own question right there. You need to take it in for a setup. You put nine's on it and normally Gibson's come with 10's so could be just as simple as having it setup properly by a trusted luthier .


This is what I'd do first, hope that helps.


Oh btw , that LP is delicious .Might want to post some pics of it because it's so bad *** !!!

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Listen to Swleary, he has a lot of experience of Gibson's.


Yes, take your guitar in for a setup!! But also consider that you will need to do this regularly. This will cost. These guitars are very labour intensive when gigging regularly, I love 'em but it was too much hassle for me, settled for the 2008 Standard, beautiful guitar!! Still, You need to work it out for yerself!


Catchyer round!!!


Guitarworld [blush]

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I would add that I have an ES-295 with a Bigsby. Unless I go insane with the Bigsby, the guitar has about the most stable tuning of all my guitars (which are: ES-335, SG Standard, Firebird V, Les Paul Pro, couple of strats, 62 custom tele, '67 jaguar, White Falcon, Jackson Roswell Rhoads, Rickenbacker 330. This is no doubt because of the heavy strings (13s) on there.... bending a semi-tone is tough work, but it absolutely excells at rhythm work...... So I reckon the heavier you can stand the strings, the better......


good luck - you have an absolutely beautiful Les Paul....



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swleary... Thank you for the prompt response!! :D

I'll put 10's on it and take it in for a set up and see if that helps any...


And yes' date=' I am a female. This is me and Lola, the guitar:





Very nice LP indeed, love the gold top. You are most welcome [biggrin] Big bends nut sauce works wonders and it's not that expensive. However asking for it in a guitar store, that's a little embarrassing, I always giggle lol

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I have a Casino with a bigsby and have tuning problems as well, I added a bridge with rolling saddles and had it setup recently and added a well cut bone nut and it stays in tune better.


Another option is a graph-tech trem-nut, it is self-lubricating but they only come in black so aestetics may be an issue. I think they make graphite saddles as well.


You did not mention whether you actually use the bigsby or not.

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swleary is spot on with his advice. try it . the big bends nut sauce is great stuff , i use it myself. that and the 10's string with a pro set up and you should be fine. good luck. And welcome to the forum.




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Hello!!! I have an LP-295 as well and I look at the thing and it goes out of tune. I use DR Pure Blues 11's and don't dive bomb or anything like that. I have read that the 17 degree angle on Gibson headstocks makes you go sharp when playing with the Bigsby...which is exactly what's happening.I've learned to reset the Bigsby as the song goes on, but still a headache. I considered replacing the nut to a graphite one, but worry about the headstock finish being ruined (I've seen some really nasty work out there and wonder if this can ever be a flawless operation without ruining my guitar or it's value). The guitar is equipped with graphite saddles and this, I am eternally grateful for. Rolling bridge? I don't think thats the solution. That crazy sauce you cats speak of? tried it...it's ok, but not the fix I hope to find. I also contemplated locking tuners, but they dont look right (Sperzel). The Japanese Gotoh look great and work wonders on my CIJ Telecaster Custom Bigsby, and they also make Kluson style ones. So, I bought'em. They look awesome, but the tuning posts "float" in the hollowed areas where your everyday Grovers would slide snuggly in. So, I took them off imagining that they couldn't work too well if they don't exactly fit. I recently watched Joe Bonnamassa play an LP Bigsby...and he didn't go out of tune. Does he have a graphite nut? Locking tuners?



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Going flat is usually pinching at the nut (which are setup by Gibson for 10s, not 11s).


Going sharp is usually pinching at the saddles or the trem isn't returning to the pitch point.


Sounds like you've already tried lubing the nut and saddles. You should make sure the Bigsby's rotation cylinder isn't binding and the the strings are moving under the second cylinder without binding. Could also be your trem spring is the culprit - not enough force to return to the pitch point.

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