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This really depends on your style and personal taste. you should take your guitar to a GC when the kids are at school and try them all, then you can narrow it down, there are many choices today. then do some research, read some reviews etc. I play mostly jazz and use a fender twin reverb most of the time but i have several others and while they all sound good, there really is no sense having so many. check them out ahead of time for your style music then get the one that sounds good to you.


Take it to your band rehersal, and if it does not sound good there, you can return it within the liberal 30 day policy.


considerations: send/return loop, reverb, good sturdy floor control for loop, boost, channel switching, triode/pentode (high/low power capablity), external cab connection, headphone and/or line out, speakers 12's, 10's, make (jensen, jbl, celestion, but this really comes down to how does it sound, weight do you want to carry 85 pounds from the car up 2 flights of steps, and then naturally, most purchases are a compromise based on cost.


Bottom line get one that sounds good to you and you can afford, be aware of the bells and whistles, but the sound is what you are after.



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'Bought a GSS-100 (head and 2 210 cabs) in '69. Added 2 Plus 50s found on closeout in 72 and kept it for 19 years.


By then, old transistors were making it pop like a bag of microwave caramel corn, but 'still sold it for the same as paid for it, total $600, to a metalhead who dd not care about the background noise at his volume level.


Maybe it was not Gibson's best amp, but it sure got many, many hundred happy hours with this picker.

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