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Getting a new guitar.


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I am most likely getting a new guitar this week. A Gibson Les Paul Junior (havent decided witch finish yet).

But i want to ask people on the forum a few questions.

What is the main diffrence in tone of a Studios Mic's and the P-90?

What should i look out for? heard that there is intoniation problem at the Juniors.

and how is the neck on a Junior compared to a Studio from '06?

Thanky ou for any answear [biggrin]

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Guest rogerb

Hi Foxboron, The Les Paul Junior features the P-90 which has a brighter tone, more emphasis on the upper mid-range in comparison to the humbuckers of the Les Paul Studio. The Les Paul Studio will have a "fatter" tone. The Junior does have the compensated bridge/tailpiece which is really not adjustable for intonation. The LP Jr and the LP Studio have the same neck profile which is the 59 rounded.

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