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I am a long time fan of both Vai & Yngwie, but when you pit them against each other, I would have to go with Vai for the win.

All you have to do is watch the G3 footage with Vai, Joe and Yngwie and you see Yingwie get out played.

In all fairness, it's because Yngwie strictly does what he does, classical shred.

Via uses his guitar to do tonal sound scapes, full musical arrangement of notes - they are apples to oranges.

I like them both seperatly.

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No "Neither" option either!


Both have terrific dexterity and playing ability but I don't care to listen to either of them much; they both have the ability to wear out my ears - not to mention my patience - after about 20 seconds.


Sometimes Less really is more.


(But I guess that's just me being an old grouch!)

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