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Custom Shop VOS finish like or dislike


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I think gibson custom shop does a great job at the VOS finish. I prefer it over glossy. The only thing I would like to see them do is age the pickguards. Seems they overlook them (looks like a new pickguard on a 50 year old guitar).

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I don't like VOS. These are fakes "vintage" like relics.


not really. a relic will have the finish dinged, scuffed, faded and sanded down. the VOS is more like a film on top of the finish. using virtuoso and elbow grease, it will shine to near gloss.

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Dont forget, over time the VOS finish will wear off the body contact points.....ie. where your forearm rubs across the body.

Then, you will have a slight shine to the area where the VOS gunk once was.


I rubbed mine off with Virtuoso....no regrets, looks great.

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I cleaned my R0 Ebony vos the day after i got it . didn't like it but the price was right. I think a new guitar should look new . imo.




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