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And she's only 14!


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I love how they first try to claim that she wasn't trained to sing from birth:


Q: "You took up singing on your own. You're self-taught."

A: "Yeah, I am!"


But then...


Q: "How did you get into skat?"

A: "The song was brought to me by an old singing teacher."


I think they need to work on the continuity of the story...


Edit: But she does lie pretty well for a 14 year old!



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Yeah, talented no question, but they played that one song she sang for the Olympics TO DEATH. DEAATTHHHHH! (That's just the lamp grampa. Couldn't resist the simpons joke.)


I think it was called "I believe" and it was CTVs go to song for every ad, every medal ceremony anything. People who've never heard the Canadaian National anthem before might believe that that's what we stand up for.


Hope that doesn't haunt her career.

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She sang the official song for the Vancouver olympics.....Im sorry' date=' but her voice hits a nerve with me.

Perhaps because we up her in Canada have been force fed her for over a year now.[/quote']

You mean like the Jonas Brothers?

I had never heard of her before. I think she'll be around for a long time. But I understand where you are coming from, as much as I appreciate Taylor Swifts talent as a song writer, I have become a bit burned out on her. That is the challenge of talent in the modern world, over exposure.

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