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Who Would Win This Fight?


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Grizzly. No other predator on this planet has as much mental or physical toughness. The Grizzly would be bloodied and battered, but the cat is going down.


Even the scientific species name, horribilus, should tell the tale.

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I want to know why deepblue needs to know in the first place...




Pippy, I have not purchased these animals! lol

I was watching a nature show, and some Grizzly bears in northern Canada and Alaska weigh

in at 1500 Lbs and can hit 8 feet in height.


In my mind I was wondering how theyd fend against a Lion. My guess is the sheer size and weight

of the Grizzly would put him on top....who knows.

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PETA would certainly be in charge of lawsuits to stop any would-be contest.


But another factor is the fur, skin and fat on a big griz.


African lions, of course, are much bigger than lions in the Americas that can be nasty enough.


One should note that Lewis and Clark refused to believe the "native American" tales of the Griz until they encountered one of the creatures. They were carrying .54 caliber rifles and a half dozen shots weren't often nearly enough to put down a griz even though a well-placed single shot was fine for a buffalo.


As for pepper spray.... I used some bear spray on a sick cat in the neighborhood to get it away from our porch. I think spitting would have had a roughly similar affect. Given that an 8-pound feral cat is probably less dangerous if not rabid than a 1,500-pound griz...



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Well, Lion females tend to do the hunting if I remember my Saturday morning nature shows, and they hunt in packs, other than the occasional Hippo or Rhino what else would they have to deal with in Africa animal wise? My money is definately on the Grizzly, since they rely pretty much on themselves for survival instead of a pride.


Ohh, what about a Rhino against a Grizzly? There's a more even match

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