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Trying to identify a Gibson ES-335 Semi-Hollowbody model


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Hello. I am considering a Semi-hollowbody electric to go with my Studio Lite. I found a Semi-hollow-body Gibson Electric that is labelled as an ES-335. It does not have a pick-guard but does have a silver emblem on the body behind the bridge.


So, basically, past the bridge, in line with the bridge is an emblem that looks like a "V8" sideways. <8 or maybe it's just an "8" with a boomerang before it.


Anyway, I went looking for ES-335 information and cannot find another model with this emblem.


Is this type of guitar supposed to have an emblem? Does this signify a configuration or a pickup of some sort?


This appears to be an instrument from "1995", based on the serial number- which is on a Gibson sticker inside the body.


Does this "V8" mean anything? What does this signify?

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Hello Durden,

If you can post pictures of the guitar that may help us to identify the model. Additionally you can e-mail customer service at service@gibson.com with pictures and the serial number for assistance. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and welcome to the Forum!

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I do not know how you embedded that image... but anyway, you got me thinking and I think I found it.

This is a V8 emblem, from a car....

LInk to Emblem on car site


This kind of decreases the value for me. Who would want to do this to such a guitar? I mean, out of all the guitars out there..... Gibsons actually go up in value.


Thank you for the idea on the crate amp... it actually pushed me in the correct searching direction.


This is at a really good price, I think..... Needs a cleaning, though. I will see if it is still there and try it out.


Thanks again.

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I do not know how you embedded that image...


If you can track down a direct link to *just* an image hosted elsewhere (not a web page url' date=' which will be treated like a regular link, you can copy that url, then come back here and in the "Post a reply" window (not the "Quick reply" window) click on the symbol/button with the mountain & sun on it. That will place a pair of "bracket-img-bracket" codes into your reply with the second one having a slash inside the brackets but in front of 'img'. Then paste your offsite image url between them and post (or "preview" to be sure it worked).


Alternately, you can just type "bracket-img-bracket", paste your url, type "bracket-slash 'img'-bracket" without the quotes or dashes. Basically this is code telling the browser (via bracketed instructions) that the url is an image (img). The first one turns that 'on', the second one with the slash turns it off.



Only code I know! And boy does that sound confusing... [crying

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