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Bought a cheap car. Am I a (an) USA-made criminal?


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The old 2005 Scion xB (in my opinion) gave up the ghost this week.


After six years of stellar service, it became clear that the holes in the floorboards (soaking wet after a rain), the mold in the headliner (moisture dripped into the cab through an open window), and the last straw - the airbag-warning light (quoted @ $700+ to fix), and the 85k miles (can you spell timing belt?) - I went out to bought a cheap car.


Best offered was a Nissan Versa @ 13k.




NOT made in USA - however, it was NOT made in China out of Pig sh!t and mercury.


I almost feel bad. Almost. I can afford the payment (after 3 years of no car payment), I fit in it (6' 4"), and it beats the heck out of the Korean cars I looked at...


Why doesn't Ford or Chevy make a comparable car?


Never mind.


How bad did I do?


(In before the lock.)



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The Versa isn't a bad little car, the whole buying outside of america question is moot nowadays, you bought the car made somewhere else made from parts somewhere else that were made and shipped elsewhere. As long as you're getting regular oil changes and matience at a local dealership you're basically support as local as you can.


Ford is Bringing the European Fiesta across the pond this year but you have to spend about 16k on it to get a decent ride out of it.


I think you did all right for 13k


Here I read this article yesterday, maybe it will put you at ease.

Compact Cars Comparison

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If domestics are crap you shouldn't buy one just because of where it's from. They'll never get any better that way, it's the same with all cars, there's no obligation to anyone other than what you create in your head, we all do it.


The only time a company is going to care about you is if they see you walking off their lot in disgust at what they have to offer. And even then it's iffy. Enjoy your new car, don't put lots of crap on/in it and treat her well.

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First of all, 'made in the USA' is a murky term at best. All of the Toyotas and most of the Nissans, Kias, Hondas, etc., are in fact 'Made in the USA' by American Workers in American factories.


The last Chevy I owned was made in Canada with parts mostly made in Mexico.


So who wins? If I buy a Toyota I keep American workers at their jobs. If I buy a Chevy I might help out the stockholders at GM but I'm not sure how much help I am to 'The American Worker'.


Go figure.


All that said, if my 2004 Kia Sorrento ever wears out I hear a new Ford F-150 crew cab calling my name.

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But will it pull a stump. In the snow. Uphill?


Our '94 explorer will.


It's only got 153K but the rust has gotten it. I patched and patched but it's a losing battle. Needs too much body work, four tires, probably brakes and God knows what else, so when the inspection runs out at the end of July it will go on the lawn for a couple hundred bucks. I'd drive it to California and back and send you a postcard along the way but the Maine State Police would find me sometime. $600 for three years, I can't kick.


Three months ago I had a new used engine put in my '88 Blazer so I should be good for a while.


My '82 Ford pickup is now registered as an antique and doesn't need to be inspected but I need to keep it presentable, quiet, and be able to steer and stop it so as to not draw attention to it. I've already been stopped once and had to pull out the printoff of the state statute showing I didn't need an inspection sticker. Luckily I had the foresight to print a copy and keep it with my registration and insurance card. Cop didn't know the law apparently.


19 year old daughter driving a POS rag junk '95 Tracer Escort thing. Sticker runs out in June, holes in trunk, exhaust held together with a Campbell's soup can and clamp, doors all rusted out, front end smashed in, passenger's headlight held in place with RTV silicone.... she's shopping. Found a 2005 Malibu, basic box for $5495. It may happen.


18 year old daughter, I bought her a nice clean '93 Sable from an 80 year old woman for $350. I redid the rocker panels and it's currently at the garage getting inspected. I gave him carte blanche. I trust him (really). She's mega-psyched.

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