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adding a cab


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Funny you should mention...


I haven't messed with this sorta stuff in ... Uhhhhhhhh ... years.


I think there are potential concerns over the resistance in ohms on various different sorts of speaker cabs, but I haven't seen a good explanation in years - and I've forgotten anything I might once have known...


Hmmmm. The old guy and the young guy...


Except... I've got this 1x15-inch cab that.... <grin>



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Wet Dry.


I use wet dry for large rooms or outside shows.


Two amps with a split signal. One amp at one setting the other at another.

Makes for a fuller bigger sound.


Not necessarily clean/dirty.

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.....oh yeah I split my signal into 2 amps also ......one through a computer and out to a power amp the other into a Marshall.

I know those 2 half stacks split sound really good AXE is running.

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You'll need a splitter, the Radial Switchbone is very nice.


One signal in two out. One to each amp, you can switch between one or the other or both simultaneously.


I keep one amp mildly overdrivin with effects (Chorus Flanger ect') The other hotter with more bottom and overdrive with delay only.


Sounds heavenly! [biggrin]


You can even use a BOSS stomp box with two lines out.

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