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Backing Tracks Software?


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Is there a program where you can import a mp3 file of a song then take that mp3 track and break it down to remove specific parts?


Like remove lead vocals or guitars, and leave only Bass and drums ?


I've heard some "backing" tracks that sounded just like original recordings but with some parts you can not hear or they were removed.


I was told you could do this with any "home recording" type software....


Can that be done with a Cubase type program?




What Program will do this?



Is Band-in-a Box good for this?







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Guest BentonC

Hi sjl200,


You can't isolate the individual tracks without the individual track files. There are some isolation programs and plugins that can key in on certain frequencies and frequency ranges, but this can become very tedious very quickly and the results won't really bear what you are after. To my knowledge, with only the stereo audio file, you won't really be able to achieve this.

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Thanks that what I thought- you need individual tracks- to alter them.


That being the case what do most "one man band" performers use to make their tracks?


Is there a "good" software to do this other then laying down your own "2 finger" drum track and a bass track in Cubase?


What is the most widely used method and or software for creating a backing track?


Self made?


Store bought?


What vendor?



I've listened to some that are "for sale" they didn't sound so good, may there is a better vendor.






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Guest BentonC

Yup- you'll need individual tracks.


If you are doing cover tunes, you might be able to find what you need in a karaoke cd or audio file... a lot of them sound pretty cheesy, but some might do the trick (I haven't really searched that avenue, so I'm not really sure what's out there- but it might be worth a look).


Otherwise you'll be relegated to tracking/recording the audio yourself. (Just make sure you are cleared for licenses before you go publicly performing and making money from re-recording someone else's song).


ProTools is the industry standard for tracking, but there are a lot of other options out there, depending upon your budget and what you need from the application.


Most of our dealers should be able to get you set up with some basic equipment and software to do what you need. www.gibson.com/Dealers (Get a new Gibson while you're there talking to them too!)


There are some great drum loop plugins out there you can use for easy drum tracks as well- or you could go with a sequencer program to create your own beats (more time consuming, but allows for more customization if you don't have what you need in the loop software).


Most new Macs will come with "Garage Band" preinstalled, which is a very basic recording application that might fit the bill for you and your needs as well...


Food for thought- you'll quickly see that the world of home recording is very huge, and you can pay as little or as much money as you want- but there is something out there for everyone.

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Thanks, well another Gibson would be nice but 3 of my 6 are Gibson's! My Wife says enough...so for now bringing home another AX would be counterproductive to "getting my backing track studio" off the ground!

I've got Cubase Le, a Boss DR880, and my Zoom 4hn so I guess its time to start making my own backing tracks.

Time to fish or cut bait I guess......



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