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Bought my first Les Paul - COOL STORY

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I have 2 other good guitars that are both having problems. Amer Std. Strat. And a 98 Gibson SG Std. The SG needs a refret and I went to GC to get a box to ship it to a tech I trust.


When I went in the store I noticed a used 09 LP Studio worn brown for $650. Barely played condition. Had to have it, I'd been thinking about one of these for a while. So I spent my refret money on the LP. I talked him down to $600 with the case.


When he returned from the back with the case, it was a VERY badly beat up SKB, with multiple cracks, etc, very bad shape but usable. The original owner kept the original. I said this was unacceptable. He returned with a beat up but usable old Gibson case. I said this was a bit ridiculous. After some time haggling we agreed on $550 for the LP and BOTH cases. I wasn't thrilled but felt it was fair. I am thrilled with the guitar though!


So, now here's the good part. I immediately went to my guitar tech/teacher friend to see what he thought of my lastest purchase. When I showed him the cases, he was astonished. Turns out the old Gibson case is a late 60s model and they are selling for between $150 and $1200 depending on condition. Compared to others on ebay we figure it will fetch between $200-300. Now I feel GREAT about the whole purchase! Even if I end up with only $150 in my pocket that means I bought a genuine Gibson Les Paul, in near mint condition for $400 !!

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Welcome to the forum.


That's a great result any way you look at it!


Just a thought; if you may only get $150 for the case why don't you keep it and sell the spare? You'll have a nicer, very cool case and a good story to tell everywhere you go with it for as long as you own the guitar - surely that's worth $150? [biggrin]


Also being a newbie you probably don't know but we have a lighthearted expression around these parts;


Pictures Or It Didn't Happen!


Here's how to post snaps; http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=11276


Looking forward to seeing the case too!

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LOL, pics coming, I promise! I wasn't gonna post a pic of the LP because it's just a basic thing everyone knows what it looks like. But if I gotta prove my cred I'll get right on it. [biggrin] I left the case with my buddy so he can take pics and post on his ebay account. I'll definitely get those pics up here too.

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I'm surprised you were able to haggle that much with GC!

I'd never expect a deal like that to go down' date=' but now that I know of one,


I'll start looking at axes when I'm there buying picks. :-




I was a bit surprised too. He actually said they don't negotiate but then he did end up doing just that. ?? Every situation is different. He said that the price point of an acceptable offer is based on the salesman who brought the piece in. The guy who brought it in has a say in the matter and gets a commission even if he doesn't sell it. They have notes in the computer for every piece. Hope that help somewhat.


On the subject of negotiating I have only one rule I use. You have to be willing to walk. Simple as that. It's quite easy to see when someone is too excited not to walk. That's when they have the upper hand. If you're not willing to walk you have already lost before the negotiating even begins. In this case, I was anxious, but I knew there were lots of Studios out there so I'd walk if I didn't get a good deal.


Pics coming this weekend.

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