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Show Us Your Firebirds!!

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Custom shop non reverse that I got in a trade not long ago. Never gets played anymore' date=' and doesnt look expensive at all. I've actually been thinking about letting her fly away.[/quote']


Man! I'd take that!

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Hi guys.

I posted a pic of my newly acquired Firebird in the "introduce yourself" section but since this is a dedicated thread then let's go !

I used it live on stage for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it.

These past years I couldn't make up my mind and decide whether I should use my Strat or my LP Junior as my main axe but this babe could be the answer.

I played it through a Mesa V-twin that feeds an old Music Man RP 65 amp that i've had since 1978 ... wow am I so old ?




By the way since the serial number is CS 000387 may I assume she's a 2010 model ?

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Couldn't resist joining in on the fun!

Here's a picture from a couple of years ago of a '66 non-reverse and an 80's MIJ Orville



Here's the non-reverse after some vintage parts scrounging and restoration



here's a homade Firebird inspired guitar using a maple through neck, mahogany wings from a '64 Gretsch Corvette, and '54 Fender Broadcaster and '64 P-90 pups. I wanted to call it a "Tele-Vette-Bird," but my sons keep calling it "Man-Bear-Pig"...


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Axe' date=' that has trapezoid inlays. Was it a limited edition?[/quote']


The '63-style Firebird V was identical to the III except it had trapezoid inlays instead of the dots found on the III.


I think it's a "self-modified" Firebird V [biggrin]


Those ain't no mini-humbuckers...

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