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I think I'm finally in the club (pics)...

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I bought, and returned, 2 Vintage Sunburst Les Paul Traditional Pros from Musician's Friend back in February/March. First one had a pickup issue. Second one had alot of fret buzz and I wasn't convinced it could be easily fixed without compromising the string height too much. Anyway, picked up a Goldtop Traditional Pro from my local Guitar Center a few days ago, and I think this one is a keeper. It had been on the wall, but it played the best of the two they had available. The other one 'had a twist in the neck' according to the general manager, and he said he was going to return it to Gibson. Of course it was up on the wall when I visited the next day. Not really sure what purpose that particular lie served, but I've come to believe nothing that any GC employee tells me without confirming it myself.


I'll post pics in a few days. Gonna jam with a friend tomorrow and give it a good work out...


On a slightly different topic - they has a couple of Epiphone Les Paul Slash Signatures on display, for $600 including hard case. They must have had a really hard time moving those. The two on the floor were in pretty poor condition - I don't see anybody buying them even for $500.

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Sorry dude' date=' we cant let you in the club yet. A REAL Les Paul cannot come from Guitar Center. [/quote']


A REAL Les Paul comes from Gibson.

They are then sold through retailers like G.C. and others.

If you buy in-store, know your "stuff", and don't take crap from any sales people, you should do alright.

Finding "The One" may be the biggest task at this point.

Ask for stuff "Out of reach" or "From the back" if you have to. No one is forcing you to buy anything. You can always walk if you don't like the merchandise, or the people.

If you buy online, sight unseen, that's another story. You're taking a chance. For some that's the only option, but you can return it or cancel the order. You decide if you are satisfied with the transaction, no one else.

That being said, there can be real pieces of junk hanging in stores, but this can be true from a number of different retailers, not just Guitar Center.

I've never had a problem with any of my REAL Les Pauls that I have checked out, played first, and then bought in person from G.C.


Welcome to the club pearsonrj

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We dont have Guitar Centre here in the UK and when I have been In th US ive never had the time to visit one! It seems to be one lie after another with them...



According to the Internet, anyway. No one ever comes to complain about how well they were treated. It applies to Guitar Center and anything else. Poor treatment or a bad product prompt people to complain, but when they're happy, they don't take the time to say so.


I've never had a bad experience. It's not an ideal shopping experience, and there are things I would change, but I've never been treated poorly by any means.

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That's a nice lookin' one pearsonrj.

Very cool in Gold Top.

Traditional Pros are a versatile guitar. IMO the coil-splitting on this model sounds better than the coil-splitting SG's that have surfaced of late.

I had a nice Trad.Pro from early in the run in Heritage Cherry.

It even had a slight quilt on the top.

Unfortunately, I had to trade it in when the opportunity to pick up a Custom Shop model arose, and at that point, I had more guitars than "GAS Cash", so a trade was necessary.

At some point in the future, I do intend to find another one.

Congrats on the axe.

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Sorry dude' date=' we cant let you in the club yet. A REAL Les Paul cannot come from Guitar Center. [/quote']




Maybe REAL guitar players can't come from Nebraska. :-




Nice looking guitar! Congrats!

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Little sarcasm for the GC bashers yoda, so dont get your panties in a bunch. I buy 90% of my guitar sh*t from Guitar Center, where I find the staff to be fiendly and helpful. My Stratocaster came brand new, in box, never touched by human hands after leaving Corona CA until I got it. And I'm not from Nebraska.

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