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Many would agree that David Gilmour's guitar playing on Comfortably Numb is his Magnum Opus (defined as a great work, for those of you who don't know).


What's your favorite guitarist's magnum opus?


Can a guitarists work on one album be considered his/her magnum opus?

Some would say that Tom Scholz playing on Boston's first album is his magnum opus.



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segovia: chaconne...


here's part 1 of a master class where he's teaching:


I know it's not the style of many of us. But watch the hands on the neck, the vibrato, the lesson that may be of Bach, but I can see technique that's relevant to any style from the most "hard" rock to blues and country - even bluegrass. More, he even can teach how to make it work. Making incredibly fast notes look slow and easy...


I put the "class" in the web ref more to show the understanding of the fingerboard... the second of four master class pieces shows that perhaps even better.


He discusses in the second, practice technique:


The whole piece is recorded too with just his playing, along the side. The second half of the piece I used to use to have non-guitarists try to figure how many people were playing.


BTW, the lady guitar student in the class is already a fine musician. I would have been so intimidated I couldn't have played a G chord in root position.


Segovia figured this from a very fancy solo violin piece. I think it's a good qualification for magnum opus but with Segovia, I don't think he could play "Mary had a little lamb" without it being such.



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I would say for Jerry Garcia it would be the the early to mid 70's. But if I had to pick a song it would be the Eyes of the World solo here: If you want to skip to the solo its at 2:20. Ive always been interested in his playing style. Some say he plays too many notes but I think it fits.




I wouldn't call this his Magnum Opus only cause there are so many songs that are good, so I call his Magnum Opus the Europe 72 tour and album from that tour.


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