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Dissent, signed tops and an addled mind


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Maybe this will be of interest


I’ll start with the addled mind, that belongs to me. Not the result of alcohol, illegal substances or blunt trauma, but from 25 years of working an inane job that takes the brain power of a newt. But hey, it keeps me in Gibsons. The reason I mention the addled mind is that I’m relaying info from a phone call conversation that took place years ago. So, the facts might be a little jumbled.


On to signed tops. I had a serious case of GAS in the mid-nineties. And I’ve owned a number of acoustics made in 94/95. I noticed that the tops had either a name or initials printed on the inside. I’ve seen at least 6 tops that were singed/initialed. I still own two and here are photos.



I’ve only seen them on guitars made in 94 and 95.


Now to dissent. I spoke with a guy at Bozeman and asked about this. He said during those years there was dissent among the ranks. The craftsmen felt they weren’t given enough credit for their work by “management” so whoever made the top would put his name or initials on it. He claimed this was frowned on by the powers that be and they did it to annoy the upper echelon. This is the best my addled mind can remember this conversation. So, if you have a Gibson made those years, get a mirror and flashlight and look for a signature.

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Seems to me a luthier who is proud enough of their work to sign it would enhance

the re-sale of a guitar. Many old, old Martins and I believe Gibsons have initials or

signatures under their sound boards. Adds to the 'history' so to speak.

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