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es-335 td reissue with a vintage serial number???


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I found a 2005 es-335 td reissue for sale but it has a 6 digit SN stamped in the headstock. something like 005227 and Made in USA stamped below it. The guitar dater project says it is a 1970 or 1971 guitar. Can anyone help me? Did Gibson build reissues with 6 digit serial numbers? I was always under the impression that the reissues were 8 digits.


Thanks for the help.

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Hi msteppe,


An Es-335 reissue should start since 1995 with a model number letter (like an A or a [biggrin], or with a 2,3, 4 or 5, but not with a 0.

The serial number could refer to 1970-1975, which seems to be however unlikely.


Kind regards,



Stijn Vergeest

Gibson Europe Customer Service





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That's curious....The seller has pictures of the guitar and one that clearly shows the headstock stamped with 005227 and Made in the USA. Any suggestions before I lay out 2,000 dollars for the guitar?

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