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Thanks guys, yes had to borrow the fender strap to be able to play it, when it arrived - will have to find a Gibson strap at some point!


Named it "Black Betty" already!


My grandmother suggested I get my name engraved on it go figure! :rollseyes:


Someone on Marshal amps forum tried to post that its a fake! Jealousy's a b!tch eh!



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congrats, very nice LP. "play the hell out of it".





My Gear :-)


‘10 LP R0 50th Anniversary Version 3 1/500 (Cherry Burst)

‘09 LP R9 50th Anniversary (Heritage Dark Burst) 1/500, Bought 4-2010 new

‘10 PRS 25th Anniversary Santana Model ,10Top / Santana Yellow

‘09 LP R9 50th. Anniversary 1 of 59 (Rust Burst)

‘09 LP R0 Standard Ebony VOS

‘09 “Wildwood” CS - 356 Quilted maple & Korina

‘05 Les Paul Standard Faded T.B.

‘08 50th comm.edition, G.O.M. Flying V

‘08 July G.O.M. Longhorn Double Cut BV (Trans Blue)

‘08 Firebird VII (metallic red)

‘08 Fender Stratocaster ‘70’s reissue (black / rosewood neck)(Fat‘50’s pups)

‘08 Fender Stratocaster ‘70’s reissue (natural / maple neck)

1999 MIM Fender Stratocaster ’70’s reissue (white / maple neck)(‘69 pups)

1987 Japan Squier by Fender, Stratocaster (white / maple neck)

1986 Ovation Model # 1767-Legend

‘08 Marshall JVM 210H - 1960 AX Cabinet

‘10 Fender Blues Deluxe reissue

And some pedals

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Well that might work if it was a model that Gibson admit to making.


I found the pic on another forum and unless some kid has expertly created it on photo-shop, apparently it doesn't exist?


Its the robot tuning and chamelion technology from the dusk tiger guitar in a cherry burst Gibson Les Paul Special from what i can see - i.e. I don't think its dark fire model.


One wonders where one can buy such a beast, yet apparently one can't?.


I keep posting the pic and asking the question here but so far at least the people from Gibson seem to be ignoring me. [blush]


I don't know if it is s'posed to be some kind of industry secret or something?


I just don't like the look of the dusk tiger, yet love the idea of the robot tuning, Chameleon technology and computer programming options etc.


Its only logical for Gibson to put this into a LP guitar - at some point - probably after their dealers are all sold out of the 1000 ugly dusk tigers!


Course the floods thru the custom shop may have slowed things down as well.


But it would be nice to know some kinda time-line or whats the point of allowing the photo out into the public domain, creating a demand that apparently can't be supplied? Any junior marketing exec knows that's about the worst possible marketing strategy.


Somethings up with this issue - the pic proves it, but the silence from Gibson so far - is deafening.



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$6,108 msrp [blink] [blink] [blink] [blink]




$Aus 7435 after exchange rate conversion.


$UPS Freight = US$189, = Aus$230.00!


Now were up to $Aus 7665


5% duty on the $7435 = $Aus371.75


Now we are up to Aus$8306.75


10% Good & Services tax on any imports over $1000..


= $830.68


= $9137.43!!!! [blink] [blink] [blink][biggrin][crying]:-k#-o[-(


Ohh crap yeah - they will run out the freakin door at that price, quick send me a freakin truckload, on the double! [biggrin]


Jeeze, I hope Gibson's marketing guru drowned in those floods! [angry]


For chrissakes - what kinda weed are they smokin in Nashville these days?.... you'd have to be on crack cocaine to dream your going to sell those to ANYONE with half a brain at that price!. :-#:-$ :-


Note to self - sell Gibson shares - this co ain't going to be with us much longer in this economy with this kind of genius marketing strategy! :- #-o


If your gonna go belly up - I guess doing it in a big way is the way to go out!





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Ohh - OK...


Yes the Ibanez is a S 270 in the pic.


When I bought the Black beauty - it was listed at $3150 on evilbay at a guitar store in Texas.


Bye the time you added all the freight, duty, taxes & exchange rates it landed here at $4600 odd.


Prior to buying it - I went to a local guitar shop who had an exact duplicate as a wall hanger, that I played - they wanted $5600 firm and wouldn't negotiate any at all on that price.


So bringing one in from USA saved all up about $1000Aus.


How does one find out then, what the REAL retail price is likely to be?


Having just spent $4600 - funds are somewhat depleted right now - BUT, it wouldn't take THAT long to put together another similar sized amount and I'm in fact already almost back to that position due to a little good fortune along the way.


The idea of putting together $10K is a different story.


I couldn't bring myself to play an instrument that I paid that much for....I'd feel "guilty" being that extravagant with $ every time I took it out to play.....


Such an amount would for example - "pay off my outstanding car loan'....or be a good deposit on a block of land, to build a house - or make a GREAT start for a superannuation account for retirement in 35 - 40 years time.


With the reported problems in terms of fragility / breakages / lack of dependability, longevity, reliability, with Gibsons existing robotic tuning devices, it's seems pointless investing "collector guitar" type sums of funds into an instrument that apparently won't be playable maybe after a year or two of actual use, because the robotic tuners aren't apparently designed with long term durability in mind?.


How long before the camera battery technology becomes outdated, and you can't get a charger / replacement battery's to operate the guitar? Today's technology world moves so fast that bye the time somethings implemented in a product its already obsolete.


Will this limited edition - become such a instrument within say 5 years? - will we be seeing string-less guitars, using infrared make and break beams, instead of strings and contact sensitive fret boards with no metal frets?


Who knows where technology will take us.....replace the timber with resin infused synthetic kevlar and carbon & glass fiber - to reduce weight and add stability in differing moisture environments?.


I'm thinking that technological advances might be good things and this is the definite start of a new age of guitars...but in that environment, is "collector guitar pricing" appropriate?


Many years ago US made the best hi fi electronics components and my parents invested such serious $ into Marantz hi fi components that today - are made totally obsolete, by the progress of Japanese electronic development and manufacturing.


These examples have taught me to be wary of paying top shelf pricing now, on something that can quickly become obsolete overnight, by just one small advance in technology.


Won't all electric guitars cease to have cable jacks and communicate with their amps via bluetooth technology?


Why don't they already? - complete freedom to roam the stage at will!


I think Gibson's on the right path with new technology - I just think mixing it with their collector guitar at collector price range, is a mistake IMHO.


Others obviously will think different.


It remains to be seen if they can sell enough units at these prices to remain profitable and in business.


It's a very curious position in which Gibson find themselves I guess in this brave new technological world.


What will be the "worth", of this particular model if say fender, or PRS were to bring out a string-less blue-toothed electric guitar next week?


Only a couple weeks ago one of the custom luthier's in my area, was showing me a new custom model under construction for a local band - with programmable special stage lighting and sound effects, controlled completely remotely from the guitar itself, bye programming in certain frequencies within the song that's being played, to trigger the effects at the appropriate point in time, via blue tooth technology.


I am sensing that this particular new guitar will quickly become.....out dated / out moded / obsolete.


For example.


Say that I invent a battery operated device, that contains blue tooth technology, plugs into the standard jack of any existing electric guitar, and performs the same functions that chameleon and computer program-ability of the current Gibson product does without the robotic tuning capability?


Suddenly - the purchase of just ONE new "effects device" turns all of my guitars at will into a similar capability of the high end Gibson product.


Kids these days are electronics experts, some 16 year old will build one of these in his bedroom for his Xbox controller and mobile phone and his cobber studying 'puters at uni will write the software code to run it all.


Microsoft will buy out their patent for a $ gazillion, and mass produce them and every kid will have one for Christmas.


And the new Gibson product?........ yep relegated to a museum somewhere like the Smithsonian.


I could be wrong.


I was once![crying]


Jus sayin



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