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Two songs- done

Silenced Fred

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I just gotta record them, I wrote two songs, hope to find a good way to record a clean track and learn how to sing [biggrin]


I'm running into problems whether I want to use these with my band, or use at least one just for a solo piece... It is sounding pretty good, simple guitar lines, but solid sounds. My drummer is phenomenal, I have to figure out a way for my other guitarist to play too though, which is gonna be pretty hard. I hope to have them up within a week or so.


Writing lyrics is incredibly hard for me, finding words that flow and keep along with the rhythm, its a pain in the ***. I have always had the utmost respect for good songwriters.

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Can you post or PM your lyrics?


I don't want to steal them I'd just love to see what you're up to.


Do you have melodies? I find that the melody is more important than lyrics. Put great lyrics together with great melody and you're amazing to me.

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