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hey, just a question to p90 users,would you say these pickps are able to put out tones of motley crue, aerosmith, and guns n roses


i know the amp is part of the sound and i have a vox vt amp.


so will p90s through out a high output/ heavy rock tone, also if you have mini humbuckers how similar are these to humbuckers

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I agree with Eracer in that I believe those groups use full sized humbuckers. You can probably get close with the mini-humbuckers. Leslie West from Mountain got some pretty heavy tones out of P-90's but generally speaking you'll want a humbucker of some type for the high gain stuff. The P-90's may be hard to control ( i.e. lots of feed back) when used with alot of gain.

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P-90's, to Me...are more "blues," Blues Rock, and Jazz pickups. They can do "Country" pretty well, too.

High Gain Hard Rock or "Metal," is better left to Humbuckers. Mini's are a nice "compromise" as they have

the humbucker tone, but with a more pronounced mid-range and edge! So, if you have a P-90 guitar, already...

you could (most likley) get decent results, toward the type music you like, by switching them out, for Mini's.

Minimal mods, that way, too...so, if you wanted to go back, to P-90's, in the future, it would be easy.


Good luck,


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