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Plek'd neck question


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Sorry if this has been discussed to death here, but I did a quick search that really didn't get me any results. My question is can you send a guitar in to Gibson and have it Plek'd? I was thinking about maybe sending in my Gibson Les Paul Standard if I could. My next question is would I notice a huge diffrenece between a plek'd neck and a non plek'd neck?

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What Blue said...


I would have a guitar PLEK'd at a local dealer who will set it up with the strings having been on. I understand that when Gibson PLEK's a guitar they do it BEFORE stringing the instrument and then puttting the neck under "simulated" pressure which produces different results...


A guitar that has been PLEK's correctly is meant to be excellent... Remember though its a bit of wood.... Its going to move...



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i don't understand all this plek'd rubbish! it's just a load of bullcrap to make you think the guitar is gonna perform better and justify another price rise, ffs just put the strings on...tune it up, plug it in, grab your plectrum and WHACK THAT OPEN A!!!!!!! [-(




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Looks to me like a lot of wizz and not much bang. [crying]


If they haven't figured out fret placement by now, a half million dollar finite coordinates machine ain't gonna help.


Once the guitar leaves the factory, you can't move the frets, so what's the point?


Fret height can be checked more efficiently and sufficiently accurate with a 3' Starrett stainless steel rule.


Save your money.

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Simple answer no - Gibson is a manufacturer they don't do Plek work for others they went to Plek machines for two reason one it's popular and geeks love this stuff and more importantly it's fast and consistent so they don't have to do fret leveling and setup the nut by hand.


There are quite a few places that do plek on customers guitars a internet search will show you the closest, Plek isn't good or bad though it's just consistent if you have a good tech do a fret level and cut the nut properly you'll never notice the difference if you paid someone to Plek it.

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I ain't puttin' my Guitar on the Rack! As stated in the Video, "Virtually Eliminating String Buzz....". Virtually? I'll do it myself or give it to a Professional with Hands and Ears and let them "Eliminate String Buzz".


In other words, "Gibson has a machine that doesn't do a better job than Humans, but we didn't want to pay any skilled Luthiers to do set ups." Very Clever advertising, but keep that Chunk of S%!T away from my guitars.

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Just get a fret dress by a competent luthier.


+1 I got the frets done on my SG (they were worn unevenly b/c I tend to play in the same spot on the neck often) and she plays like butter now.


Although, the Plek System is intriguing. -I think it's a pretty cool idea to insure consistency on new guitars coming off the line. Perhaps it will eliminate (or at least cut down) the need to play a bunch of guitars before you pick out 'the one'? Where's the fun in that?! Next time I'm in the market for a new Gibby (either a SG Classic, or a Silverburst Lester) I'm anxious to see what they play like with that new system.

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I've played and own both types. plek'd does have it's advantages. but you still have check your guitar for propor workmanship . it is not a perfect system

but it is much better, imo. I think that you get a better base level guitar with the Plek. 1 day they will all have it, as cuts down set up time for fret leveling and dressing. I have found that you need to check the nut as this is where i have had 2 problems. The high E string slot was not cut wide enough. the frets are perfect on all the newer Gibsons i have. I give it a thumbs up. So, you won't see or feel a big diference on the guitar. it will feel like a better playing guitar.



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Guest rogerb

retrosurfer1959 is correct, Gibson doesn't bring in guitars to be plek'd, only the ones in manufacturing at the time. There are places located through-out the U.S. that offer plek service. I have a studio engineer friend in Nashville who had his guitar plek'd and he said it made a great deal of differences in the playability.

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