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I'll give this one 5 minutes...


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...before it gets moderated.


Anyway, as a photographer I recently had the opportunity to include my 'baby' into a shoot with my favourite model.

The photo is entitled "Curves and G-strings". There are others from the shoot, but this is about the only one vaguely suitable for the forum.


Hope you like and it doesn't get moderated and I don't get banned for life!!!





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I hope the other models were better looking cause the les pauls the best looking thing in that photo.


Did she come to the shoot stoned or did ya have to drug her?





Taste is a very elusive thing - some of us have it, some of us don't.

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Lovely photo. Lots of lines there' date=' probably best left alone so that the photo can stay for all to enjoy.


Would love it if you could PM me the link to more photos.


Thanks for sharing.[/quote']


I'd love to see the gallery also! :-



PMs sent.

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