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As a side note, it has always bothered me that there's very little press available about Gibson's acoustic line, especially when it comes to NAMM. They always are quick to announce things on the electric side, but the acoustic shop always seems to be the "step-child". There is a lengthy article on Gibson's webpage about all of the electrics that were introduced at NAMM, but I couldn't find anything on the acoustics. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that the electric side is probably their bread and butter, but it would be nice to see some press on the acoustics as well.

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I must disagree with 007. That EC Century of Progress model sounds incredible. My wife is a Costello fanatic' date=' so making this sale on the homefront could be realtively easy.


[/quote'] Yeah, I guss....


But with all the great past acoustic models that Gibson has the opportunity to re-release, this one seems anti-climatic to me. What about these:


Roy Smeck

Nick Lucas

Country & Western


Original Jumbo

J-55 (w/ mustache)




I know, I know: custom shop can make anything I want. But that is not the point: Wouln't one of these make a neat

addition to the regular production line??

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