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What would you like to add to your current stable?

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For the most part I'm content with my current guitars' date=' but I'd like to add a Gretsch G6120 Chet Atkins or the Eddie Cochran Tribute G6120 and a Martin D-18V. With those I'd be set. What would ya'll like to add if money were no issue?[/quote']


How many do you have currently?


I'd add a


Gibson Les Paul Special/Junior (non RI) or a MM for slide

Gibson ES335

Gibson Les Paul R8

Gibson Les Paul R9

Gibson Les Paul R7


Gibson SG Historic Maestro

Gibson SJ-200


Fender American Vintage 57


and maybe one or two others




as of now, my two guitars are a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Martin OM-1


So far the next one to add may be the slide guitar.

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These are on my bench right now (Warmoth body and neck). Note the natural masked binding. A very nice touch indeed. Still waiting for some of the electronics but can't wait to add this one when she's done.







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I have always wanted a silver Gretsch Sparkle Jet (hardtail).


To be honest it maybe that fact I want something, whatever, in Silver, Green or Orange sparkle finish.

I know it's "not metal" but, I always thought a sparkle finish looked cool as hell on a guitar.

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