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Latest Yamaha in the house - Tobacco burst 1024x Neck feels like a Jazz bass a comfortable player.




Now that's a beaut! I have an '84 BB3000S and it is one of my favorites and a keeper. I'm glad they brought back an updated version of the design. Yammy makes great stuff.

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My '79 RD Artist

EB-2DC through an Acoustic B320 head, an old Peavey 410, and a folded horn cabinet with a Cetec Gauss 15. It's pretty loud. I don't have pictures of the Epi Thunderbird in action, but I probably wil

Me Too - I have 4 Gibsons, and have never had an issue with any. I don't have anything bad to say about my Fenders - they play well and sound er......, well - like Fenders, and although the quality is

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Thanks guys, the ergonomics fit and finish on the BB1024X are what i've been looking for. It's a passive P/J setup with a 3-way switch. Only thing lacking from it is the wood ageing treatment that the Japan built BB2024X receives. This one's indonesian built. Plan on keeping it, so that will not be a concern.


GSG - I dig the finish on your new Ric, pretty awesome. [thumbup]


Bassilisk - Your BB3000S is a classic for sure. [thumbup]

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Yeah, that BB3K is killer no doubt. My first BB was a 5K that I got for a song (well, almost). That turned me on to the quality of these basses and I immediately went searching for a 4 banger. Finally found one in white with gold HW. I'm very fortunate to have it.


I've only ever had one TB bass and it's long gone. Sure looked purty though...

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Neat looking bass msp_thumbup.gif. How does that humbucker sound?


I was playing it the other day, until I had to stop. It plays great, and the Humbucking has the old school 60's sound. In all honesty, the tube head doesn't hurt either to do a good sound. [thumbup]

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