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Recommendations when travelling with your guitar


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I recently bought a 61 RI (it came with a hardshell case), actually my brother bought it for me since he lives in japan and it is much cheaper there than here in Brazil,so i'll go there by the end of the year and bring it with me.

So i'd like some suggestions on what I should do to transport it with no damage at all.

I've heard that i'll have to detune all the strings to release the tension of the neck.

Have anyone ever made it :-

if so, any information will be highly appreciated :-$


EDIT: i forgot to ask about the gibson hardshell case

As i never touched one,i'd like to know if it is hard enough [biggrin]

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I'm asunming your talking about flying with the guitar.


If this is the case then you should not have any problems with it, my sg has fit in every over head I've ever tried to put it in. The key though is to get on the plane as early as possible, if someone puts one of those suit cases in the overhead that were designed to just barely fit, then your guitar won't fit. But every international flight I've been on had a first class section, which is good. Even if you don't get a first class seat most air lines will still allow a stewartist to put your guitar in the first class closet. But even if you can't take it on a plane then you can still gate check it so it goes on the plane the same time as you do. The biggest pro to that is that your guitar will be on top of everyone elses lugage instead of their luggage being on top of your guitar.


As for detuning, I've flown a good deal of times with it detuned. I've also flown a good deal of times with it tuned normal. I've never had a problem with it either way.

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i brought my SG Standard from florida to the UK and it was fine... I brought the whole guitar itself onto the plan when i boarded and the crew placed it in a closet.

However i do think the change in pressure may have caused mild rust in soem of the screws, but i dont know...


The standard gibson case does the job very well,


hope you get your baby home alright :-k



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Ideally, you bring it on the plane with you and store it in an overhead compartment. Second best is gate checking it like Shred_bringer says. I personally wouldn't feel very comfortable checking it with the other luggage unless I had a very sturdy flight case. I've heard horror stories about guitars that are checked with all the other luggage. Detuning is always a good idea.

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