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New addition to my Les Paul family


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nice' date=' wasn't there a thread about this a while back? a store ordered it for you right?[/quote']


Yeah, I was looking for some input before ordering. It came in on tuesday and it was pretty awesome, but there were a couple "quality control" issues. They ordered another one and said it would probably be about a week, but I got the call today at work that it was in.

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Geez...what do you need so many guitars??


Wait a minute....

How many guitars DO you have?


Less than twenty is INSANE!!!

Neo' date=' were you asking Tim or Me?




Does that pickguard represent anything like a commemorative issue or is it normal?

It's an homage to the Gibson SJ-200...


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Yes' date=' it's very nice. Congrat's- Please don't change the pickguard! It's too cool ...[/quote']

Thanks. As I mentioned in another thread, at first I wasn't sure about the pickguard but it's grown on me. I breaks up the solid black and white.


Gratz the new axe! How's it play and sound?

I only played that one for about ten minutes at the store last night, but when I tried out the other one last tuesday I played it for awhile. It's surprisingly versatile for a single pick-up guitar. With the volume and tone on 10, it has a nice aggressive sound sort of like a Tele with balls. Roll the volume off slightly and it's still bright but a little thinner, suitable for clean stuff. Rolling the tone off a bit is sort of like using a neck pick-up. Using various combinations of the two gives you a decent amount of tones for a one pick-up axe. It's the proverbial "blunt instrument".

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