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Introducing the Les Paul Studio 50’s Tribute – Limited Run from Gibson USA

Gibson USA

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*Please check with your favorite Gibson dealer to find out what they ordered and what they may have available for you to order.



Les Paul Studio loaded with P-90's for how much?


Orange Drop Capacitors on a Gibson USA model that costs how much?


Faded finishes that look vintage.........Worn White against cream plastic...That's not right, but it is............Gold Top?


Did we mention "This is a Limited Run Gibson USA model".


$1,399 Retail Price. Ask your local dealer for details. Shipping soon.



"In honor of the decade that gave birth to rock and roll Gibson USA is proud to present the acclaimed Les Paul Studio in a unique new package. The new Les Paul Studio ’50s Tribute model embodies the look and tone of the great original Les Pauls from the 1950s, at a price that fits the wallets of today’s hardworking musicians. Ever since its introduction in 1983, the Les Paul Studio model has been enormously popular with players seeking the power and versatility of the original Les Paul Standard in a ready-for-action package, with a price to match. The Les Paul Studio ‘50s Tribute sticks to the script entirely, but its five worn ’50s-style finishes and meaty dual single-coil P-90 pickups give it a look akin to classics from the decade of the Les Paul’s birth, so much so that you’ll be doing a double-take to check it’s not an original 55-year-old Lester!"











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Gold top or honeyburst are really sweet looking - definitely the best colors (especially honey). I passed a couple times already - they're OK for the $$, but last time a Strat ended up calling my name a bit louder! AND I would just assume get a better Les Paul when it is time, since I traded in my Traditional.

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Last reply I got, was that the first ones (Post Flood) "MAY" ship, mid July-early August.

Gold Tops are pre-selling, like "hotcakes!" I have one reserved, with my down payment,

to my local dealer...E.M. Shorts. But, depending on how fast Gibson gets back into production,

it could be months, yet. ???



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what's up with those "see-through control covers"? I've seen them on newer standards... what's the deal?


I'm thinking that Gibson is taking a cue from the watch companies that market watches with see-through backs. However, with watches you are actually able to see parts moving while the watch keeps time. Some of us vintage folks remember the Bulova Accutron Spaceview watch. All you really saw as the circuit board inside the watch, with the hands moving in the foreground. They sold a lot of those. I suppose it they're putting vintage looking capacitors, pots, etc., it's cool to peer in at.

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I wouldn't mind one in honeyburst but I can't find any info on where to get them. I am not the type to pre-order any guitar. I won't buy it unless I can test drive it first since every cut of wood is different. I tried 3 LP traditionals. All 3 felt different.

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great price? for who?

For those who thinks $849 is a great price for these babies. I can't wait to get my Honeyburst due on August' date=' but hopefully sooner. I could of ordered the goldtop which was suppose to ship on July, but I already have a Goldtop Les Paul Standard. [biggrin

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