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Road Trip!

Buc McMaster

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The wife and I are off to the Kerrville Folk Festival in the morning! Should be a hoot! Slaid Cleaves plays Saturday night and there's a host of others I've not heard of but I'm sure they will all be entertaining. We'll spend some time in the shops round about Kerrville and nearby towns. I'll take plenty of photos and report back upon our return.


On a side note, I've decided to leave the little CJ behind under the influence of the ToneRite for four days. That should be long enough to hear some change if it's going to make a difference. I have done a saddle swap on the guitar. I installed a FWI saddle left behind by the SJ200........perfect fit......and it definitely is a tonal improvement over the Tusq from the factory. (Fuller's said the saddle and nut were bone.....not so!) The walrus ivory saddle is smooth and warm sounding, while the Tusq gives the guitar a thinner, glassy tone. I plan to order a new one from Colosi when I return from the trip, as the one there now is hand made locally from a blank and not radiused quite right. Bob's saddles nail the Gibson radius perfectly.

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I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself at the KFF. I don't blame you for leaving the new CJ behind, but it's a shame if you won't be able to share your songs with others there. I got to see Slaid when came through this part of the country a few months back — always a good show. Looking forward to your full festival report!


Murph, years ago I caught Willis Alan Ramsey playing a solo gig out in Luckenbach. It was one of my all-time favorite musical events. Good stuff.


All the best,


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