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I'm a V Guy!


I'm down to only 1 V now but I used to have many. V's were my only guitar shape at one time.


Here's my 1981 V

Black with steel pick guard and truss cover, active EMG 81/85, Grover tuners and a Schaller fine tuning tail.




It used to be all black when I originally restored it but I like the steel better.




Here's a picture of my old white 80/81 V, it had a leg repair (hence black band).

I got it after the previous owner had it repaired from when his angry GF ran it over in the driveway.

I no longer have it - I miss it.



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Sorry about the crappy picture quality, I'm planning on changing the pickups, getting a new pickguard, changing the knobs, and possibly painting it blueburst.- That is, if I ever get the money (The only thing I'd have done professionally would be the paint.)


and if we aren't only posting Gibsons I got a Jackson with a killswitch I installed in it.

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