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One More for the Road

Buc McMaster

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Room's a bit dark as the sun sinks, befitting the way I feel after a day at the grindstone, but my head flashed on this older tune while I was getting my last licks in on the CJ before hitting the road. This was written during a period when I was listening to a lot of country honky tonk music. Simple storytelling from an outsider-looking-on perspective.




Empty Locket Fool / copyright MBBowen 1997


She held that empty locket, then she slip it in her pocket

She thought she heard him call her name as she walked out the door

If she could have just one wish, it's only to forget

That picture she left lyin' on the floor


There was a time when their love was, but like the summer does

It faded into memories and one last photograph

And though she knows he was wrong, still she must go on

And she stumbles on that heartache in her path


When the lights go out and she's all alone

She's driftin' in time try to wish him back home

Someday she's gonna let him go but for now she's livin' in blue

And he'll always be her empty locket fool


There's no more smiling face, her reflection's in it's place

And in those eyes she sees the things that he could never find

Should you ask her now what love is all about

She'd hope you'd find your answer in her eyes

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Very nice. It's got a good rhythm to it but still retains that melancholy melody that you want. It reminds me a wee bit of a song that a friend of mine plays all the time, Sing Me Back Home.


Have fun in Kerrville, Buc! Your guitar will be waiting for you when you get home.

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It reminds me a wee bit of a song that a friend of mine plays all the time' date=' Sing Me Back Home.



There's worse things than being mentioned next to a classic Merle Haggard song...


I listen to, but don't comment much on song postings --- but that was cool --- great use of that Gibby tone...

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