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Songs That Make You Want To Kill Yourself....


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WAIT, WAIT, WAIT..........I think some people are saying they want to kill themselves "because it makes them sad" , and others "because they hate the song".



Please clarify what you mean.

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Anything country & western!


But then I discovered subliminal masking, and started playing all my country and western records backwards!


I got mah dawg back, mah trailer back, and mah truck back, and mah girl back, and then I didn't wanna kill myself no more!


That's why I like's BOTH kinds a music - country AND western! [crying][biggrin]



But seriously....


Nirvana....come as you are!



When this was first released, I used to drive a school bus full of kids (who today are all grown and have kids of their own go figure), and one of the lil darlings had a cassette tape with this song on it and it seemed to go on forever....and he would act up and carry on like a pork chop until / unless he was allowed to play it.


He played it so much I hated the freakin song and to this day still do!


One day it got to the point that i just couldn't take it any more, and when the tape ended and the kid wasn't lookin - I ripped it outta the tape player and flicked it out the drivers window of the bus! [blink].


You know - maybe 15 or so years later - I hear this song on the radio now and I don't mind it near so much.


It still makes me wanna kill myself butt!


So - you can imagine how it made me feel waaay back then.



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