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I heard 50 were made with stoptail... But why don't you contact Gibson customer service or support and ask... I'll ask the guy who sold me my Jimmy Page double neck if he knows... He had a couple of the Jimmy Page LP's with stoptail....


Hey Dave, I'm sure you'll let us all know when that double neck arrives right? O:)/

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I'll ask the guy who sold me my Jimmy Page double neck if he knows...


Dave, I was gonna take a chance on making you mad about the double neck.

For educational purposes on the forum, would you divulge the cost of the Page EDS-1275 for a guy in Spain?

With the weaker dollar, maybe it ain't so bad?


My dealer has one hanging beside two Custom Shop 1275's.

Actually, one of the two is the twin sister to mine...


Anyhow, $3k will get you a Custom Shop EDS 1275 with all the legendary qualities you would expect.

The Page is $8k with all the "aged" finish and hardware, and honestly I just don't see it being worth the money.


Then I look at the $8k Page Les Paul hanging 10 feet away and get weak in the knees....



I understand completely!

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Hey NeoConMan,


No worries, I hear what you are saying but there are a few factors to consider here... First off its a limited edition and a very small one only 250 made world wide... Second its a Jimmy Page limited edition. Third its an iconic guitar and an exact replica of Page's 1971. Fourth, I bought it in Euros so i got 40% off the top or like spending $4500.00 for an $8000 guitar. Sixth, when I was a teenager I when to a Led Zepplin Concert in Boston. I had a pretty good camera with zoom and got some great shots of Page with the double neck. A couple of years ago I went to see Page and Plant in a concert in Madrid. After the concert I went back stage and ask someone if Mr. Page would sign the photos I took some 25 years ago and he did! So my plan is to display the guitar in my studio with the signed photo I took of Page playing the guitar...


Was it worth it....? To me it was, without a doubt.

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Wow Dave,

Without a doubt indeed.


Yeah, the whole Signature/obscenely overpriced guitar market has some validity.

Your case in particular is watertight.

I commend you, you lucky dawg!


As I said, I understand.

The Jimmy Page LP is the first one I've seriously considered despite the insane price.

My dealer has one hanging in his store and there are indeed many differences from the CS models.

The double neck is no different with the unique build, and the factors you stated render all logical arguments moot.


That's one studio I would love to see.

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