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New Bonamassa Sig.

Andre S

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Not a huge fan of the finish. I love his Goldtop sig with the Dark back [drool]


Who doesn't !!!!!!!!!!!!


I would get a used darkback just to 'Bonamassify' it...


One of his goldtops, #52, he got from a friend and road tech who used to make his plexiglass amp shields for him....


The guy had ordered two and opened up one #38, Joe had said he was looking for another one and this guy sent him what was #52 and it turned out to be one of the best playing guitars he ever played. Though he could have changed the hardware (:-k ) I know at least at one point. It had to be fixed around the time of the Nashville floods......I think it got broken on a flight.


Not until he played the Bonaburst though.




he said or it has been said that he has the mismatched knobs so that he can feel the difference between the Neck and Bridge pickup controls when he keeps adjusting the so he doesn't have to keep looking down.

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