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50th Anniversary ES-335 64' in 2014?


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I have one quick question...


As you all know, gibson is recently coming out with their 50th anniversay model every year...


I am trying to decided whether I should buy the ES-335 64' Historic Reissue Now


or wait for the 50th Anniversary ES-335 Block Inlay Model (63' or 64') which may be available in 2013 or 2014

(as long as it has a block inlays, 63's thin neck profile & 57 PUs)


I assume that sound may be the same, but which one would be more of a value (or uncommon)?


I know it sounds pretty ridiculous because I am trying to compare the value of a guitar which does not even exist


but I really would appreciated it if anyone could help me out with this decision...


or if anyone could tell me the difference between ES-335 60' Historic Reissue vs 50th Ann. ES-335 60'.



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if anyone could tell me the difference between ES-335 60' Historic Reissue vs 50th Ann. ES-335 60'


This is a topic of endless debate, and Gibson apparently enjoys all the confusion, plus the extra $1,000 they generate for the Historic. Historics are made in Nashville, 50th Anniv.'s are from the Memphis factory. As with the 59 Historics, Anniv's and RI's, there actually are some minor differences, but they are essentially identical. Afficonado sentiment seems to be that the Nashville Historics are better than the Memphis reissues, but only you would be able to compare them and determine if one is better than the other or worth more, etc. FWIW, I got a Memphis made '59 RI last year and it had a number of setup, nut and fret issues. After a new nut, fret leveling & dressing and some work on the bridge (replaced studs, reset saddles, etc.) it plays and sounds great. The setup issues it had were inexcusable, and the quality of the case is horrendous, but all's well that ends well.


Had I had an opportunity to play it beforehand I wouldn't have bought it based upon the setup problems, I'd have just looked for another one. But, that's the way it goes with online buying. My best advice, head for a major population center with some quality dealers and play a lot of 335s. Since they were first introduced in the 50s they have always been extremely variable. Play a bunch of them and you'll find one that knocks you out.

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