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Badly cut nuts


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Guest BentonC

One of the benefits of buying a new Gibson through an authorized dealer is that you have access to our warranty, which will cover this in the unlikely event that your string may be binding at the nut. Feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-800-444-2766 ext. 1 and ask us about the warranty if you bought the guitar new. We're happy to assist!

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ok i bought mine in 03 am i still covered? If i remember correctly the shop I bought it in wasnt a Gibson dealer but rather a fender dealer but he got it for me on special request cuz I always wanted one and spent alot of money at their store. the nut on mine is and always was crap. I just thought i was skanked with bad luck.

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... your string may be binding at the nut. ...


That is a minor problem which a lot of guys can handle on their own. The more difficult problem is when the string slot is cut too shallow (sharp notes on the first few frets), or too deep (buzzing and/or dead spots); which show up now and then from both the plek machine and manuel factory setups. Unfortunately, this has led to several posts on these forums (not in a good way).

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I guess it can also be a normal wear problem, if you bought the guitar in 2003, which would not cover it under warranty.


The reason to have Plek machines was of course to have better nuts and fret dresses, but the Plek machines were introduced in 2006.


Beginning in 2006, all historic models (VOS or non-VOS) from the Custom Shop use a PLEK machine to fret level and cut the nut. It is an ultra accurate

machine for fret and nut work on guitars.

Since 2007 all Memphis and Custom Nashville guitars are being plekked.


Stijn Vergeest

Gibson Europe Customer Service





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