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Acoustic Music Anyone?


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I didn't own anything "electric" for the first three years or so that I played - and I was playing on average 4 or more hours a day from the beginning.


I think acoustic is the way to learn, in ways. The one problem is that there's a strong tendency to push the volume through pushing the strings too much if you're doing stuff that should be gentler in tone. In ways the Carter Family Scratch and stuff was a counter to that, but...


There's also a tendency to use heavier strings on a steel string guitar and there again, that brings differences in the technique one will use.


All that said... <grin>



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My first guitar was some sort of Martin copy. I don't remember it.


Manuel Rodriguez C3



Gibson J-45



Martin DX1RGT



Gibson LG-0. One day I should pay to have that brace repaired so I can actually play it.



Fullerton FW20-CE. It was black when I got it, but it slowly flaked off, so I stripped it and stained it. I'm considering going back to black, but it sounds nice now. This guitar has been on loan to practically everyone I know at some point.



Epiphone MM-30E. I should change the strings so it sounds better, but I don't use it as much as I should.


A friend of mine has a 1916 (I believe) Martin mandolin... I think I prefer that style to the Gibson design. But for how often I play it, it's not worth the few hundred dollars it would cost me to buy one.


I also have a very old violin. It's a copy of a Jacob Stainer, who was the best before Stradivari showed up. After he died factories began producing copies of his instruments. Mine is dated 1776, but I don't know if it's true. My great-great-grandfather bought it in 1908, played it until 1916, when a string broke and hit him in the eye. He threw it across the room and smashed it. In 1932 he put it back together, where it's remained in its case for the next eighty years, getting passed down. One of these days (probably right after I finish that LG-0), I'm going to put a new bridge and tailpiece on it, finish it, and start playing.

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Wow... is that THE mandolin, Murph???




My first guitar was an electric, given to me by some neighbors. It was followed shortly by a Yamaha FG 75 acoustic. In fact, most of my early gigs were solo acoustic sets.


I have a couple of acoustics...


Kentucky Mandolin




Ibanez 6 string




My #1 for years... Hondo 12 string




The first thing I bought with my cigarette money once I'd quit for good... JB Player Acoustic Electric




And the latest instrument to enter my line up... a red cedar mountain dulcimer, made and signed by Katy Parton... (I LOVE this instrument and highly recomend you play one if you ever get a chance...)



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1965 Guild A-50 one of 28 made that year. Such a drastic production difference. She needs a set-up (not urgently but she could do with one). Sounds perfect to my ear, never played an acoustic I liked as much. Got it from a shop that a forum member pointed out (Stevef if my memory serves me well. Thanks very very very much man). Lark Street. Went out on a limb and ordered her without playing her. Great decision. But I'm not taking that chance again.


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I was about to buy a Rosewood Gibson CJ-165 for $1400 last year, but they sold out and that was the last of that model....



So I got a Martin OM-1


American Made, solid wood except the neck, satin finish,


Love it.


Though those pieces of playable art that they call Gibson Acoustics, well, I will have one...




Got some other stuff on the GAS list first.


I mainly play Eric Clapton acoustic stuff.

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Let's see...


2008 Gibson J45 RW (blonde w/ L. R. Baggs pickup)

2009 Eastman AC512 (slothead OM-Engelmann Spruce top, mahogany B/S)

2007 Guild GAD JF30-12 (maple B/S)

1967 Suzuki Classical


One of these days I'll post mandatory lousy cell phone pics.

I'm not much of a photographer.[cool]

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GIANTRobOT420, This guitar is a Gibson Custom shop Acoustic. Mahogany body with carved Maple top. The bridge is carved in the top so that the Piezo pup can be mounted the way it is. Totally hollow inside. It is very nice for me, because sometimes I am very uncomfortable playing a thick bodied acoustic. As far as I know, only made in 01 and 02. Mine is an 01 in Translucent Black. Thanks for the interest.

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Murph' date=' I noticed you have a Carvin AG100D. How do you like it? I am seriously considering buying one. Do you recommend it? Thanks[/quote']


I recommend the AG100D so often people think I'm part of the Carvin family! I bought mine about 6 years ago for some acoustic stuff right after I got my J45. Broke my left arm (radius) and as soon as it healed went straight to playing bass in a 3 piece classic rock band. The AG100D has 3 channels, acoustic guitar/bass/vocals and I used it as a practice bass amp and bought the Carvin R1000/4:10T EARTHQUAKE MAKER for gigs. (it's behind the road case that holds the Boogie in the pic above).


I happened to have the AG100D in my truck at a gig one night when the guitar players monitor died. Bingo, the AG100D became a monitor, unplug the power amp, lean it back. It's also been a spare main, a powered monitor, a spare guitar amp (turn off the horn, add a tube screamer), a side fill monitor, and a mini p.a. for small events.


Did I mention it's a HELLUVA GOOD 100 watt acoustic amp (with a 12" speaker rather than those little 8's some acoustic amps use) that I have used many times up on a stand with just a monitor plugged into the aux speaker out in little 100 seat clubs for solo acoustic gigs. The AG100D is the most versatile amp design I've ever seen with decent digital effects and mine has been bulletproof reliable and dragged all over the midwest. It sits up on a stand in my music room with a mic in it and is used every single day.


(I would recommend it....)



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