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LP discontinued model links??


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Is there anywhere on the gibby site to see a list of discontinued models and their respective web pages? I'm specifically looking for the 68 figured top triburst. I had it saved in my fav's but somehow they were all erased and I can't find it on google either.


I like to dream of owning it one day and stare at it's specs and curves. Pretty much legal porn at work. Help me out guys I need my fix!!

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This is a serious problem, Gibson taking the discontinued models offline.


They all used to be available through the link provided in on of the posts above ( http://www.gibson.com/Products/GibsonElectric/Gibson%20Electric%20Guitars/Gibson%20USA%20SubPages/Discontinuted%20Models/ )


Now, since about when they redesigned their website, all the models previous to 2005 were taken offline.




Alot of these models are little known and would definitely keep their value better if Gibson could at least keep those information pages online, like they used to. It wouldn't cost them a dime!


Especially in this day when counterfeits are increasing in popularity, it has become a serious deal being able to provide these very basics such as model name, type of wood (body, top, fretbord), type of pickups, etc.


Please let them know by calling or at least e-mailing, your dissapointment.


I will NOT buy a new Gibson guitar, if I know that in three years from now, they will not backup the fact that the series was ever produced.


This is a serious mistake by Gibson.

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If you simply email Gibson they are good about letting you know what model you have if you question whether or not its a REAL Gibson or not (or do a serial number search). I really don't see the point in not buying a guitar you would like because they don't display something on their website. I mean they just redesigned it and there are issues of picturing models they claim do not to have in production anyway. Click on Flying V and the Faded 3pickup version pops up but they don't list it as a current model. I agree that it could be better but this is just my 2 cents.... if it sounds good, BUY IT!

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