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How would you describe a Gibson SG?

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Faded: i feel that it's a lot more in your face without the covers on them, but i don't like that feature that much. Special: same as the previous one. Standard: I LOVE THIS GUITAR! i think this is the best sg in the world, though, i might change the neck pickup with a P94r and i will get a faded and put a P 94T in the bridge, but i may get a raw power in white and keep that as it is. Raw power: Wow, i actually like it a lot, but it is second to the standard, though i still quite like that bite it gives, which you don't quite get from the other models. Classic: never played this but i've seen on youtube the tone you can get. great guitar the classic.'61 reissue: Not much different between the standard, soundwise (just my opinion if others disagree) but not a bad guitar. Angus young: i want both! what can i say, i'm an AC/DC fan for life >[thumbup] ,,/. CS: don't know **** about this guitar, so no input.

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I have a Faded. It definately was was a money issue but at the same time I love the look and feel of it. To me a guitar is like a 4 speed muscle car. It can look great but if you cant drive,its worthless. i dont need the flash and worthless glitz to be happy and/or proud. The guys i jam with all have Paul stds or studios I am the only SG so I love the raw (and in my screwed up head rebelious/unconformanalist) look. And I would not trade it for ANY other guitar in the world. Ever. Not even for a Supreme Figured Les Paul. The only thing it needs is a smoother finished neck.But, baby powder fixes that instantly lol. Oh I'm putting an Iommi pup in the bridge cuz i need it:).

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