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Buc McMaster

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Ahh! There truly is no place like home, no matter where we might venture.


Turned out that the Festival was not the focus of our trek to the hill country. It rained a lot. The KFF is held on a ranch about nine miles south of Kerrville, deep in the Texas Hill Country. The roads and parking are quite primitive, to say the least, with dirt roads cut with ruts and such. My Dodge Magnum SRT has a ground clearance of about four inches at the nose making it a less than ideal vehicle for rambling over rough terrain. We ventured there on Thursday when things were pretty dry but I was not about to attempt it after the torrential downpour on Friday morning. Yes I would have much enjoyed seeing more than we did, but it wasn't worth the risk to the car. What we did see of the festival was good..... There were tents everywhere, RVs lined up on the side of the road leading into the main grounds and thousands of campers, most of whom appeared to have been roughing it for the full 15 days the ranch was open before our arrival. Very Woodstock-ish bunch. Hippie chick types...bearded, shirtless guys.....kids running here and there laughing. Quite the "back to nature" event. We sat in the Threadgill outdoor theatre and listened to the winners of the annual BW Stevenson Songwriting competition. Couple photos below.....


We spent a couple days in Fredericksburg, about 20 miles north of our base in Kerrville. Great little tourist trap (and I mean that in a good way). Hundreds of shops and eateries lining Main Street. We toured the Nat'l Museum of the Pacific War and the Nimitz Museum, both excellent! Chester Nimitz was born in Fredericksburg and grew up to be the the commander of the US Navy in the Pacific during WW2 - they are rightfully proud of their native son.


All in all a relaxing trip away from the hustle of the big city. Someday I may retire to the Hill Country.


This guy was a great picker. He was the soloist for......



....this guy, who was a good singer/songwriter.



Sorry to say I don't have names for either of them.

(This little camera shoots a pretty good image!)

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