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Dude, your text baseline is riding flush against your signature graphic because you need to add a few returns before it in your Profile, Signature edit window. This will ensure there's always about a 1/4" of white space between your posts and sig graphic.


Cool t-shirt, btw! #-o

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Why does it show duane v as the Topic Starter but Blackie has the top post? #-o


Merged all his (Blackies) topics in regards to the forum glitch into one thread, rather than two or three threads on the same topic.


hope nobody was offended

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Don't you have to have a soul to have a ghost?


This makes me laugh!! I didn't know Homz when he was here but I know him now due to the GAS group at MLP....i believe he actually possesses a soul (Most likely his own) and I believe he is a pretty nice guy. I've never had an issue with him and I joined up there in October of 2009...


In fact...he was far more welcoming to me over there than MANY people were here when I first showed up....


I don't agree with his politics all the time (but i don't talk politics online) but that doesn't make him a bad person or soulless in my eyes.


There seem to be certain people who get his goat...and they know it and bait him...I expect it goes the other way around as well, but thats human. He seems loyal to his friends and he obviously loves his family very much.


The way many of you talk about him is as if he is the antichrist...hilarious!

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