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This forums kinda dead.


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It's been going downhill in terms of argument.


But making it members only gives the mods a way to trace potential yuckiness few of us find comfortable.


It's more civil; that's the strength.


It's fewer folks involved in discussion of stuff like strings and brands of tubes and such, so that's the weakness.


So I guess there's more fighting perhaps in the LP forum, but since I'm not really into the LP so much I visit there maybe once a month or so, so I dunno. <grin>



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Do you like the vintage sound of toast ? and though that seems to make no sense, we here at Gibson Toaster Company

do things a little different, in fact only about 9% of the products we make are even worth buying.

MMMMMM that's some good sounding toast !

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A lot of the above is spot on the mark.


By 'dead' do you mean there is a lot less argument?


I've just been over on the MLP forum. There's one poor guy who stuck up a totally unoffensive, fairly naive post regarding the relative neck thicknesses to be found on the current range of Les Pauls.


Pretty straightforward, you'd think.


There are a lot of people there who could give him some sound advice.


The replies soon started to flood in. Not in answering his question, however. Taking the mickey out of his sentence construction, spelling and grammar. The English language is clearly not his native tongue. Many of the replies he has received are un-called for and unpleasant.


After the first couple of pages a few of the posters started an in-depth argument of the semantics of some word-usage and this has been going on now for five pages.


I'd be amazed if there are a dozen replies on-topic.


If the price of this forum staying open is discouraging that sort of behaviour here then I, for one, am happier as a consequence.

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I still find Car Forums to be way worse than music based ones like here. You ask a question if you're not familliar with what to do with X on your car and you immediately get a "lern to search n00b" with links to threads that have similar topics but no answers.


The reason I thought they made the lounge members only is because if someone on here started a religious or political thread and someone not from the forums was searching that topic they may believe that the Gibson company (since their name is at the top) are affiliated in their beliefs or whatnot. This just keeps it in the best interest of most members and the admin staff.

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Did Neo get banned? Another one I only see every once in awhile who used to go politically nuts was ksg_standard or however you spell it.

I used to get pulled into all that nonsense, and I hated it; would leave the lounge - a word that should mean calm and relaxed - ready to beat the sh*t out of someone.

There were others on this forum I would disagree with, but they were respectful.

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