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Buckethead LP - Differences between first and subsequent runs

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The most obvious difference between the Bucket Head Les Pauls and the usual Les Paul  model is it's  bigger 27" scale.

And I would imagine an original Bucket Head Les Paul case would  be hard to find if you need one, since a regular aftermarket case or gig bag would be too small.


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On 6/10/2019 at 7:20 AM, khobi64 said:


im toying with the idea of selling my original Gibson buckethead. It is from the original run of 60. Best of all it is never been played, it has remained in its box since purchase. I’ve only taken it out for condition check and for photos. 

How would I gauge how much it’s worth. Because everything ( the only 2) out there are played and not from the run of 60.

mines never played and from the 60 run so I’m a little stuck. Who do I approach to get an appraisal or find collectors?


Late to this party but is it for sale?

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7 hours ago, Pinch said:

He released 118 solo albums in 2015, according to Wikipedia. Who IS this guy? I'm intrigued. 

He is a shredder type guitarist and his real name is Brian Patrick Carroll. He was born in Cali, somewhere. His stuff is hit and miss (with me at least). He was in a band called The Deli Creeps and also Praxis (I like the Praxis album and would recommend it, Booty Collins is on it). He did  quick stint in Guns and Posers. He loves sci fi movies and incorporated it into his music. He claims he was raised in a chicken coop. He famously wears a KFC bucket on his head and a white facemask when he plays.  I have some of his stuff. Be careful and do samples of albums before you get them, cause they can be weird. I've tried to see him a few times and it just did not work out. Go on YT and watch a song called Jordan. If you dig that you might like him. He's hitting the Kill Switch hard on Jordan.

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3 hours ago, Evilive1999 said:

You've never seen him? He's a great live act. I saw him perform twice.  Impressive that a one man show can entertain a crowd for almost 2 hours but he's really got chops.

It's an experience for sure. Mesmerizing player.


"Evilive" was a great live album, btw. What it lacked in sound quality, it made up for in attitude. 

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