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I guess I'll be the **** stick in the mud but that was just stupid.

Too much of a chance for somebody to get injured, not that I care about an idiot injuring themselves, but others due to their stupid actions.


When we were playing in Mass one of the bands on before us, their drummer thought it would be "cool" and "wild" to throw his drum throne into the crowd.

I watched as that thing went right at this guy at the front of the stage. Lucky for him he was quick on his toes and caught it and hummed it right back at the band, hitting their singer in the face and gashing him wide open and bloody.


A lot of stupid sh!t was done by bands that day trying to do something "extreme" as the the whole thing was being filmed for DVD and people and crew got hurt needlessly for it.


Ok, old man ranting over. :-k

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Unbelievable whining -


Man' date=' you guys would've shut down Woodstock.


Cut the apron strings boys!


That was totally rock n roll!! :)



Thanks for the post Yew.






That's as Rock'n'Roll as Forrest Gump.


What happened to more responsible things like stomping on kittens, ripping the wings off chickens

and biting the heads of bats and doves? [biggrin]

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Besides a great promo for strap locks that was a total waste of time and very dangerous. If he continues this and if his band ever goes somewhere the record company will put a stop to this fool before he kills himself by falling.

Airbourne is quite big actually, but I agree it was a pretty haphazard stunt.

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