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In grade 6 I built a "drum kit" out of yougurt containers, Quality Street tins, and anything else laying around that had a top and sides, I got graded favourably because I basically understood how the stretched over heads worked on a real drum kit.


That's as far as I ever got in building an instrument.

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I want this w/ a cutaway. Soooooo pretty.


To answer the thread, those closest I have come is completely gutting a guitar that was not at all functional when I bought ($30). NONE of the parts are original any more and it is going through a second transformation. I believe it is a 1973 or 1974 Ibanez LP copy. I'll post pics later as I cannot access them from work.

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1st time fixing it up:

Sperzels locking tuners, chrome pup rings, EMG 81/60, chrome dome knobs, all new pots and jack, Schaller strap locks.



2nd (in progress)

Changed to 2 vol, 1 tone, relocated pup selector, dummy selector, Gibson 496 and 500 pups (from Explorer), hopefully coil tap for both pups, chrome pup covers. I love the Look of the Gibson LP GT so I'm trying to give it that look.


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