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Playing acoustic and singing....


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Hey guys,


so i just had a really nice acoustic guitar session outside but found myself thinking 'if only i could sing as well'


so ive decided that i want to start learnign to sing and play acoustic for this summer so when im out with my friends or something we can get songs going and such...


for now i wanna practise just me and my acoustic. im sure a bunch of you guys out here in the forums play acoustic and sing some songs with the guitar.


So i wanted to know where to start really, dont want to jump in the deep end, i can alreayd play most songs just cant sing along. Anyone got any tips on how i can practise singing along to a song im playing and possibly what songs to try out?


feedback very much appreciated [biggrin]





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I have noticed how easier it is to play guitar altogether for some guys when they tie it to vocals, our "band" singer remembers chords just by associating them to vocals.


Learning songs where the vocals follow the rhythm is definitely easier,


I see it like Ozzy versus Dio in Sabbath, Ozzy sings with the riff Dio sang accross the riff, it'd be harder to do the latter while playing guitar.

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I'd suggest work on something simple to strum and sing. Pick songs with an easy vocal line, so you're not having to think so hard on both things."There's a Place in the World For A Gambler", for instance.


"Margaritaville" is another good one.


Another interesting technique to use, though it's kind of cheating your intent, is to do blues songs where you play between vocal lines.


Mostly, though, it just takes some practice.


Good luck and have fun!

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An easy one is Norwegian wood by the Beatles. The guitar moves in the same direction as the vocal line.




My problem is that my voice just sounds awful. When I sing it sounds like a bunch of monkeys trying to have sex with a football.

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Any of the traditional "Folk" singer's songs, as well as Dylan,

The Beatles, James Taylor, Van Morrison, Simon & Garfunkle,

Donovan, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot (so many others),

even some of the Rolling Stones early ballads ("As Tears Go By," etc.),

are always good ones, to learn on. Then, of course, there's always

"The (acoustic) Blues!"


Get some books, by any of those artists (to start), and they'll have

both chord charts, and lyrics. I love to do, what you're contemplating,

but with my "CRS"...remembering the words, is a bit of a challenge,

anymore. ;>b LOL!


Good Luck...and, as with most things, it gets better/easier, the more you do it!



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thanks for the feedback guys, i will have finished school on friday and have a free house to practise (easier if my parents are out) and hopefully i can get something done and maybe even be good at it [lol] :)


if anyone else got any tips please post woudl be much appreciated

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my problem is I can play and sing at the same time, but I just don't have enough confidence in my voice, so when I sing in front of people I am very self conscience about my voice. Luckily with the band i'm in now, I just play guitar and do a little bit of backup vocals.

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Singing and Playing at the same time takes time and practice. No Duh, right?


You have to be able to Sing the song without thinking about it, or Play the song without thinking about it. Both would be preferable.


Then, like mentioned earlier, you sort of Couple certain chords and changes with the proper lyric. Take "La Grange" for example. "Rumors Get Round, That Tex-as town" Rumors and Texas have the C-D attached to them.


Zeppelin's Tangerine is a good one to start with, too. "Measuring a" sings right along with the Am riff, "Summers" is G, "Day" D. Practically sings itself.


Now, for those of you who say, "I can't even sing when I'm not playing." I'm calling the big BS on that. You're not comfortable with your voice, or you simply haven't used it to Sing yet. You may have tried to sing and failed, but you didn't sing. Unless you actually have damaged vocal chords, you can sing. You just have to learn how to control your voice, to do that you may have to............


Go sing some Karaoke!! That's right, you may have to go listen to some of the worst singers in town, then join them. Embarrass yourself in front of drunken strangers 'till you're good at it. Find a song or two you're comfortable with and grow from there, before you know it, you'll be Jonesing for some singing attention.


Besides, being able to sing and play makes you a much greater and harder to replace asset to any band.

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Practice, Practice ,Practice.

There is no easy way and even the most gifted ones still work at their craft.


Tip: Make sure you can play the music on your acoustic flawlessly before attempting your vocals.

This way you can just let your subconscious take over the music side of it.


I had to do this when learning Blackbird by the Beatles. If I concentrated too much on the lyrics I'd flubb the fingering and vice versa concentrating on the fingering I'd forget the words.


You'll get it patience is the key.

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