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My First Gibson Les Paul

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I've seen that one before. I think you posted it when you bought it' date=' but now it's arrived. Your collection looks great.


Now, how's it play? How's it sound? Details [-(




You're right I did post the Ebay photo in another thread before it got here. It plays great. I will reserve judgement on the sound until I get a chance to play with it some.It has some buckle rash on the back and the gold pick up covers are tarnished. I was aware of those issues when I bought it. It is great other than that it. I will admit that of the three, the SG is the easiest to play for me. But then again I'm primarily a drummer and I've only had the LP for 12 hours. Thanks, David

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Thanks everyone for the compliments. I was going to buy a Studio Deluxe or Traditional Pro but this is so pretty and the price was so good I couldn't resist. I have enough money left to order a 50s Tribute Studio now. God I'm a sick bastard. Thankfully I'm in good company here. LOL. David

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