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Yet another "what model is this yo?" thread.

Dynamic Joe

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I know you guys get a lot of these, but I'm actually really stumped on what model this is.


(will add pics when I take them at friend's house, it's his guitar)


It's a Les Paul, that has a full wood body, with no paint job.

Want to say it's mahogany, but I don't know woods like that, though it looks identical to the wood

used in the neck. It also has a black pick up guard.


It sort of looks like this, but the switch is in the normal position.


(not the guitar I'm talking about.)


I'll update with pics when I take em, but hope you guys can help.

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Did any of you happen to note where the pickup selector switch is?


the one posted by Dynamic and BB are different guitars.


It's "The Paul" http://vintage-guitars.blogspot.com/2006/02/gibson-paul.html




Did you happen to read the guy's post. Perhaps you should take the time to read it. The picture you see is not the guitar he is talking about.

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