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best gibson guitar?

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Custom Shop historic all the way...but before you take anyone's advice, you should spend a few hours at a guitar shop playing the various models. When you generally find what you like, the people on this forum can tell you what models are similar and in the same price range. $3,000 will almost get you a historic Custom. It will get you a '68 Custom reissue or a '58 reissue.

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i own 2 custom shop historic lesters, '58 reissues, ak "R8s." they are fabulous axes, and, as R9 said in his post, they can be had for under $3,000, new.


if you want something a bit off the beaten path, consider a gibson custom shop cs-336. i have one and love it dearly. the 336 looks much like a 339 (and, thus, smaller than a 335), but the construction is different. they come with classic 57 humbuckers. music zoo has one (in the "es" section). priced comparably to historic les pauls.


what a great choice you have before you!

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The 335 maybe the most versitile guitar Gibson makes and in my opinion the best sounding. I love mine


I too, prefer the doublecuts for electrics. My choices are the ES-339 and SG's, although I do see a 335 in my future.

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wow,tough question! for a versatile all around guitar ES-335

there are smaller body versions aka 339,336 etc


I personally like the Les Paul Std with Burstbucker Pro thru a tube amp for a real bluesy feel

if you can find a old one with p-90's (single coil) that is the 60's rocknroll legend-and the prices on these are stratospheric


The SG is also a very nice guitar a lot of the great guitarists played these and they have superior upper fret access-the solid mahogany models are legendary


you need to figure out if you want the hollow,semi-hollow or solid guitar body and the only way to tell whats right for you is to go play them-keep in mind that any new guitar is going to need a neck tweek and new strings


The semi hollow and hollow body guitars are great jazz pieces a s well as rock guitars-it just depends on what you are after-I have all three as I keep them tuned differently. Happy shopping!

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there they are again. not sure why.
It's because it has the word "d**" in it!:-k (there's a list of words that is created by the Admin. that when typed will either end up like this' date=' or in some cases, end up as different words altogether i.e sh!t will = "slop", etc).


Anywho, you don't have to spend $3,000+ to get an awesome LP (or any guitar for that matter). I paid $1,250 (Used) for my '01 Classic and it's one of the best guitars I've ever owned...and I've owned a few.[cool

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For $3,000 try out pretty much everything you can lay your lucky mitts on.


Most here would probably lean towards an R8 (they are generally better built than USA Les Pauls but it's a long story) but as Rockstar suggests there are many fine instruments to be found under that price which you may prefer.


You really do have to try them out for yourself. 'Choice of guitar' is a very personal thing.


c u l o is a curse in Spanish.....can't remember what it means.


It means 'Arse'.


So why isn't 'Arse' asterisked to oblivion?



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